Primary energy sources

Includes all the electrical cabling within a building or structure. Electrical wiring must comply with standards for voltage and current capacity.

We see the power lines in our neighborhoods and town centers all the time, but do we really understand what is happening there?

Power plants generate electricity, using transformers to step the voltage up for long-distance transmission. Then, pole transformers step the voltage down for distribution.

Solar Panels

Solar panels generate their own energy and can significantly offset a homeowner’s electric bill, if not completely eliminate it. The cost of the system depends on electricity rates and usage (the primary charges on a utility statement), location, solar incentives, required permits and the type of panel.

Solar PV systems use photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity, which is stored in a battery for use at night or during cloudy conditions. They can be installed on a roof or ground-mounted.

Homeowners can save money on the cost of a solar PV system by comparison shopping just like they would for any other big-ticket item. In addition, there are various tax credits and rebates that can reduce upfront costs. For example, South Florida residents can take advantage of a 30% Inflation Reduction Act tax credit as well as state-level incentives and financing.

Another factor that influences the cost of a solar system is its size. Larger systems require more labor and equipment to install, which raises the price per watt. However, a larger system can produce more electricity, which will offset the cost of the system over time.

The price of a solar PV system can also be affected by local electricity rates and the amount of sunlight available during peak hours. Homeowners should check with their local utility company to see if it offers financial incentives for solar installation and to determine its policy on grid interconnection and selling excess energy back to the utility. Additional state and federal solar incentives, such as cash back, property tax exemption, waived fees and expedited permitting, may be available.

After the solar system is installed, it needs to be inspected and approved by your city to ensure that the installation meets local codes. This can add several weeks to the total project time. Once the final permit is received, the utility will give the solar system permission to operate. Some utilities offer time-varying electricity rates, which can increase during the day and decrease at night to reflect the true cost of generating power.

Home Battery Backup Systems

A home battery backup system is a great choice for anyone who wants to reduce their reliance on the grid and make sure that essential systems, like the refrigerator or the Internet, will work even during a power outage. These energy storage solutions offer increased reliability and peace of mind, and they can add value to your home if you ever decide to sell it.

The first step in finding out how large a battery storage system you need is to understand your energy usage patterns and peak load (measured in kilowatt-hours). Reviewing your utility bills will help you identify peaks in electricity consumption. Once you know your power needs, you can calculate how much energy a backup system can store and then decide which appliances to back-up with the battery.

Many home battery backup systems use lithium-ion batteries, which are lightweight and have a longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries. Some are designed to be used indoors, while others can be used outdoors or sheltered from the elements. 

In addition to providing backup power, some home battery backup systems can help you save money on your energy bills. These battery storage units can be paired with solar panels to capture the sun’s energy during the day and then use the batteries to power your household at night. During peak demand times, your stored energy can be sold back to your utility provider to help reduce the load on the grid and keep your bill low.

For homeowners who live in areas prone to frequent blackouts, a home battery backup system can be an excellent investment. Ampi Electric Inc., for example, can provide backup power including installation.

A battery, which that is powered by lithium-iron phosphate batteries, can also help you cut your electric bill. It uses the same technology as Tesla’s cars to store and deliver energy, and it can automatically time-shift energy from the grid when prices are high and recharge from solar power at other times.

Electrical Repairs

Power is something that we tend to take for granted, until it’s gone. Then we realize how essential it is for our heating, cooling, cooking, light, sound, computing and entertainment needs.

Electrical wiring is the key to bringing power from the utility company to every outlet, switch and receptacle in our homes. Unfortunately, wiring can become damaged, loose or corroded over time. If you are experiencing any of these issues, call an electrician for a home electrical repair as soon as possible to prevent serious problems in the future.

One of the most common electrical repairs is replacing a fuse or circuit breaker that has blown or tripped frequently. It is also possible that your panel may be outdated and require upgrading to a newer circuit board or adding GFCI outlets. This upgrade will help reduce the chances of a fire due to overloading the system and can be a great safety investment.

If you’re hearing buzzing noises from your outlets or lights, it’s probably a sign that the wires are overloaded. The humming noise is created when the wires carry too much voltage and can be very dangerous if not addressed right away. Call Ampi Electric Inc. electrician as soon as possible and turn off the power to that circuit using a volt/Ohm tester or the main breaker box.

A faulty outlet can be a safety hazard if the wall plate is loose or missing. You should also make sure the plate screws are tight and secure to protect against accidental shock or fire. It’s important to always shut off the power before attempting any electrical repairs or upgrades.

Another common issue is an outlet that seems to be hot to the touch or is making strange sounds when it’s plugged in or switched on. These are both signs that the outlet is overheating and should be replaced. If the problem continues, contact an electrician to perform a complete inspection of the entire wiring system in your home.

Electrical repairs can be complicated and dangerous if not done properly so Ampi Electric Inc. is here to assist you with their license electrician you can Call Us Today for more inquiries. While it is possible to do some basic electrical fixes yourself, most issues should be left to a professional to avoid putting you and your family at risk of injury or even death.


Lighting can be installed to add more security, increase efficiency or simply improve aesthetics. It can also be installed in rooms with low ceilings to make the room feel larger.

Lighting solutions can include pendants, chandeliers, recessed fixtures and more. Regardless of the type of lighting, all electrical installation work should always begin by cutting off power to the area you will be working on. This can be done by finding the breaker box and toggling the switch to the off position.

Connected power distribution solutions  and simplify electrical systems, giving facility teams actionable data to build resilient operations. They can help increase fire prevention and support business continuity.

Includes all the electrical cabling within a building or structure. Electrical wiring must comply with standards for voltage and current capacity. We see the power lines in our neighborhoods and town centers all the time, but do we really understand what is happening there? Power plants generate electricity, using transformers to step the voltage up…